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You’ve worked hard to become an accountant.

It’s time to make it easier to be one.


If you’re tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and long hours and tight deadlines are taking their toll on you, it’s time to feel more in control and the 5-minute Smarter Accountant Quiz is the first step.


This quiz isn’t about debits or credits – it’s about you.


Discover what’s been getting in the way, and unlock the key to a more balanced and fulfilling professional life.


Thankfully, burnout and frustration do NOT need to define your career.


Take the first step toward an easier, more satisfying journey in accounting.


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What Accountants Are Saying

“Working with Dawn using the Smarter Accountant Program has been the most beneficial program I have ever completed. It gave me the ability to understand how my brain works and how to start the process to reprogram it. A powerful tool and well worth the investment.” Barry, CPA

"Coaching with Dawn has been a game changer for actual implementation of learning how to manage my mind. I loved her book and immediately connected with the material. I started into the work of awareness and intentionality, but I was only scratching the surface until I started coaching with her. Thankful for her accountability, feedback and coaching to assist me in fully embracing and making the change to managing my mind and bettering myself and my life. I’ve learned so much from her and will continue to do the work to become a smarter accountant." Ashley, CPA

If you’ve ever asked, “If I’m so smart, why (fill in the blank)?” this book is for you:

  • If I’m so smart, why do I feel so stressed and overwhelmed, especially during deadlines?
  • If I’m so smart, why do I work too many hours?
  • If I’m so smart, why do I struggle with self-confidence, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome?
  • If I’m so smart, why don’t I feel happier/better?

Most accountants ask themselves questions like these and more. If you’re one of them, The Smarter Accountant is the answer.

This actionable book is about what you never learned in school, in any CPA exam prep course, in any accounting CPE seminar, or in any business building workshop. It’s about your accountant brain – the most important asset you have and how you’re underutilizing it.

The book is available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible.