Professional Certified Coach for Accountants


This quiz isn’t about debits and credits or accounting knowledge – it’s about your brain. 

You need to know if you are underutilizing your accountant brain.

Let’s face it, you’re already smart, or you wouldn’t be an accountant. You probably have a pretty high IQ, and when you’re not in a CPE seminar with other accountants, you’re probably one of the smartest people in the room.

But here’s the hard truth – you probably aren’t using your brain to the best of its ability.

How would you know?

Take the 5-minute Smarter Accountant Quiz and find out.

If you’ve ever asked, “If I’m so smart, why (fill in the blank)?” this book is for you:

  • If I’m so smart, why do I feel so stressed and overwhelmed, especially during deadlines?
  • If I’m so smart, why do I work too many hours?
  • If I’m so smart, why do I struggle with self-confidence, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome?
  • If I’m so smart, why don’t I feel happier/better?

Most accountants ask themselves questions like these and more. If you’re one of them, The Smarter Accountant is the answer.

This actionable book is about what you never learned in school, in any CPA exam prep course, in any accounting CPE seminar, or in any business building workshop. It’s about your accountant brain – the most important asset you have and how you’re underutilizing it.