The Get Sh*t Done Quiz For Accountants

Can you relate to…

❓ Feeling like there’s never enough time to get everything done.

❓ Not knowing how to properly estimate or guarantee you’ll follow through no matter what.

❓ Having a never-ending to-do list that creates stress and overwhelm.

Take the Quiz so that you can…

✅ Discover your Productivity Score, get more done in less time, and save 5 hours a week.

✅ Learn what works and what doesn’t, giving you plenty of time to get sh*t done without feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

✅ Improve your workflow, plan more efficiently, and eliminate procrastination and stress.

I’m Dawn Goldberg, CPA
The Get Sh*t Done Coach for Accountants

As a CPA in public accounting for 30+ years,
I know how important productivity is for accountants.

I have designed The Get Sh*t Done Quiz to specifically identify and address
the unique productivity challenges faced by accountants.

Take the quiz now and unlock practical strategies to maximize
your efficiency and accomplish more in less time.